Hello, world.

So I've decided to start and actually maintain a blog now. Hopefully this will suffice as a space in which to record my thoughts, feelings and opinions on a variety of dull and uninteresting topics including, but not limited to:-

  • Shelves,
  • Cardboard,
  • Stationery,
  • Screws,
  • And all things beige.

If you don't already know who I am, or even if you do and feel like having a bit of a self-satisfied chuckle about it, head on over to the About section for some background.  Essentially, I'm a sound designer and computer scientist, so those topics are pretty likely to the primary focus of this blog.  So enjoy; I promise I'll generate some real content soon.  Honest.  For now, here's Beyoncé's sister Solange's bootleg of Boards of Canada's excellent Left Side Drive, which I personally can't get enough of, though I'm sure many would argue that lyrics + BoC is sacrilege.

LEFT SIDE DRIVE by solange-knowles

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