New track, and (yet another) fresh start.

OK, I'll admit it. Starting this blog shortly before my exams truly was a piss-poor idea. But now they're over, I'll try to stick to this properly. I promise. Really.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, the exciting news is now that I'm back in London I'm able to start writing tracks seriously again; indeed, I have just released a new one, in reponse to the first track in DJ Caustic's Mix Wars series, Dip Watch. My version is called Dipshit, and is available right here, right now. I expect this'll probably end up on Wurk, the release I'm working on at the moment, which is still very much a Wurk-in-progress, ho ho. I apologise. Tracks are available here as I finish them. Expect a track sampling the dulcet tones of Bash ranting about car dealerships next; it's going to be... spesh.

Dipshit by loomcore


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