Quit Ye Like Men.

“Στηκετε εν τη πιστει, ανδριζεσθε”

“Stand fast in the faith, quit ye like men”

This is the motto of my alma mater: Selwyn College, of the University of Cambridge. Whilst standing firm in the faith is a less-relevant piece of advice to me, the second clause holds particularly true at this moment. Having graduated but a week ago, I find myself faced with the prospect of beginning a new life. A real life. In the real world, no less. This is not a circumstance I gladly welcome – indeed, the undergraduate life was incredibly sweet – but nonetheless it is the circumstance which I now must face. I suppose the point of this post is simply to reflect upon my time at Cambridge, and to say, to all those who made it such a glorious three years, a heartfelt “thank you”. Life ex Cantabrigia, I'm sure, will have its fair share of ups and downs, but these precious student years have been truly formative. And so I must take heed of the college motto, as it were, and embrace life as a responsible adult. Brace yourselves. I might even update this blog more often.

Goodbye, Cambridge. It was one hell of a ride.


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