The LKMco Youth and Education Podcast #035: Research Roundup

“In this episode Phil Yeeles, Junior Researcher at LKMco, shares a selection of research that he has been reading lately with Dr Sam Baars, our Director of Research. This episode has a critical conceptual focus: Sam and Phil discuss the ideological implications of youth social action as an uncontested ‘good’, the consequences of perpetually silent ‘zero-tolerance’ classrooms, and what different visions of a National Education Service might look like, the problems they might solve and the challenges they’d face.”

This week, I’ve made my very first appearance on the LKMco podcast, talking to my colleageue Dr Sam Baars about several pieces of research I have recently read.

We discussed:–

Catch it here or listen in the embedded media player at the top of this article.

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Phil Yeeles

Ex-primary-teacher, researcher at LKMco, long-time National Education Union activist, Education for Tomorrow editorial board, occasional Morning Star contributor ✊

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