Multiple Concerns: new NAHT report slams the multiplication tables check pilot

I originally wrote this piece for the LKMco blog, in response to the NAHT’s report in response to the 2019 Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) pilot. It can be found on the LKco website here.

The NAHT have today released a damning report detailing their members’ response to the Government’s pilot of the new multiplication tables ‘check’ (MTC) for children in Year 4. The test has been an educationally dubious waste of time and money, hastily implemented and with multiple technical flaws. As LKMco’s resident ex-Year 4 teacher, I’ve gone ahead and highlighted the five areas that shocked me most about this pilot.

[Read the rest on the LKMco website here]

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Phil Yeeles

Ex-primary-teacher, researcher at LKMco, long-time National Education Union activist, Education for Tomorrow editorial board, occasional Morning Star contributor ✊

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