The educator has the duty of not being neutral
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2018-01-25 0046 — Phil Yeeles

“The educator has the duty of not being neutral.”

So said radical educationalist Paulo Freire back in 1987, and it remains as true today as it was then. As a teacher, I believe it is our responsibility as agents of societal change to be politically engaged. Given the huge impact a teacher can have on both individuals and communities, and the highly politicised nature of the profession, to remain neutral is to actively support the status quo, and thus is a political act in and of itself.

I have started this blog as a place to explore current issues in education and educational politics (with a primarily British focus) in a more coherent way than staff-room rants or clandestine union gatherings, and to hopefully shed some slightly seditious light on the current issues that affect British teachers. As a primary school teacher and a passionate trade unionist, I hope to provide an insider’s insight into the world of education, and to deliberately and consciously do my Freirean duty of not being neutral.

Feedback is very welcome via the comments sections, Twitter (@mryeeles) or email.

All views expressed herein are my own, and are representative neither of my employer, nor of the National Education Union.

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