Welcome to my personal Gemini capsule. This is home to my gemlog, my artworks, my self-hosted Git repositories, some data exploration in the K programming language, my memex, and a few musical projects.

About Gemlog


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What is Gemini?

If you're viewing the Web version of this capsule, you may be wondering what I mean by "Gemini capsule". Gemini is an alternative protocol to HTTP, aiming to provide a lightweight alternative to the increasingly bloated Web. It's a text-only protocol, and is a bit like Gopher, but with some minimal text formatting. A Gemini "capsule" is equivalent to a Web site. To view Gemini content, you'll need a Gemini browser: a nice one, Lagrange, is linked below. I have, however, put together a script to share my Gemini content over HTTP as well, so you can still view over the normal Web.

Gemini protocol Lagrange Gemini browser

But why?

I just think it's nice. The limited environment is nice to work in, and moves the focus on to the content. It's also a more pleasant browsing experience, without ads and multi-megabyte Web sites cluttering everything up and slowing everything down. It's a bit like the Web was in the mid-'90s. I've tended to maintain a fairly minimalist Web site design in the past anyway, so Gemini neatly streamlines the workflow.