Mushroom julienne in bread bowls

Грибной жульен в хлебе

Category: Main

Serves: 2-3

Cuisine: Russian/Lithuanian

Source: YouTube/AllasYummyFood

Original recipe In bread bowls


- 300g mushrooms

- 3 shallots

- 50g salted butter

- 1 tbsp plain flour

- 100g cheese

- 150ml sour cream

- Salt

- Pepper

- Parsley (pref. fresh)

- Half a loaf of bread per person


1. Chop onion finely

2. Slice mushroooms thinly

3. Fry onions in butter until golden brown

4. Add mushrooms

5. Add salt and pepper to taste

6. Add parsley

7. Fry ~5-7 minutes

8. Add flour

9. Add sour cream

10. Mix

11. Cook for another couple of minutes

12. Slice loaves in half

13. Scoop middle out of bread to make bowl

14. Fill bread bowls with mixture

15. Layer of cheese on top

16. Grill on high for 10 mins

17. Serve


First attempt

Finished (whole) Finished (sliced open)

- I made this for three people

- I used fresh rustic wholemeal loaves from the bread maker

- Really nice! I thought it was spot on, but A requested one shallot fewer

- Could possibly have scooped out a bit more bread; the bowls were quite thick